Audyssey Calibration

Audyssey Certified Professional Analyzes/Calibration

You deserve great sound, No installation sounds as good as it can without a proper audio calibration.
Audio Addicts as a Certified Professional Audyssey Calibration Company, Audio Addicts has a way to deliver world-class sound in the entertainment systems Audio Addicts install for you.

MultEQ Pro automates for home theatres what used to be done manually by top-level acousticians in the world’s best theaters.
Audio Addicts Include an Audyssey Certified Professional Calibration in each install we do, because you deserve great sound.

Don’t leave the job unfinished

No matter how great the equipment Audio Addicts installs, its performance is limited by the distortion caused by the acoustics of the room.

An Audyssey Certified Professional Calibration gives you the best sound equalization possible: uniquely tailored to your room, system and seating configuration. No installation is complete without one.

The Audio Addicts Audyssey Certified Professional Calibration Audyssey installers use professional tools to calibrate your systems.
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Also call us for follow calibration. You will get more enjoyment out of your home cinema system.